Our Story

The inspiration for this bag stems from my wife, Eron. In 2017, Eron and I were camping in the desert when I found her unconscious in our tent after an early morning nap. We were fortunate that an ambulance could get to our location quickly, but seeing her lifeless body carried away on a stretcher was one of the scariest moments of my life. Fortunately, Eron was okay after a few bags of IV fluid. 

After that incident, Eron had to go on additional medications for systemic lupus that made her mouth very dry. She was horrible at remembering to bring a water bottle around. And if she did remember to throw one in her bag, she rarely took it out. So, she resolved to wear a hydration backpack all day, every day—pacing around on work calls, walking the kids to school, even out on the town. While the frequent sipping helped her dry mouth, she did not anticipate the other "life-changing" (Eron's words) benefits of being consistently well-hydrated. Her energy levels drastically improved, bloating decreased, skin felt smoother. She now drinks several liters of water a day, without even thinking about it (and often with a baby in tow).

During Eron's hydration transformation, I couldn't help but notice that her "everyday" hydration bag wasn’t exactly designed for the day-to-day. It was designed for hiking or extreme running. And it was, well, downright ugly. So I set out to make something better, something that can fit into our everyday lives, get us to drink more water, and do it all with a twist style.

I hope you unlock some of the benefits of increased hydration like Eron did with our All Day Bag.

Alexandre Roche